Monday, September 14, 2009


When amma gave me her new year wishes at the dawn of 2008, she told me that it was going to be a year of travel for me, according to my horoscope. I laughed if off then little realising how many travelthons lay ahead of me.

The first one was in April 2008 Munich-Hartford-Newyork-Denver-Phoenix-Portland-Munich. Only Denver and Portland were work related. Although I was missing my bed at home and was getting sick of subway (I am a vegetarian and there are not many choices for tasty & healthy vegetarian food when one travels outside India, atleast according to my taste buds), I had a lot of fun since I always had weekends to meet friends living in the US.

The next one was in September 2008. It was Munich-Amsterdam-Jakarta-Ottawa-Toronto-Phoenix-Ammersee-Munich and all in 3 weeks. Except for Amsterdam and Toronto, it was all work related, so irrespective of whether one had a jet lag or a weather lag, one still had to be professional i.e. be on time, stick to deadlines, deliver good presentations, socialize with colleagues in the evenings etc. Truthfully, I enjoyed it because when you get the work done and well, its an accomplishment you are proud of. Plus, going to new places and meeting new people, especially at no personal costs is always fun :D !

Actually, ippo edhuku ivalo mokkaina, am going on the next mini travelthon tomorrow, so blogku konjam nal ''as I am suffering from....'' leave vida poren....

Makkale, more kadai later, chamatha irungo :D !
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