Monday, September 21, 2009

The Learning Curve

I should have been warned when I saw the pink bubbles with a shapely girl on the cover but I was'nt since the title ''The Learning Curve'' intrigued me ! I had picked up an extra book along with the set of books I had chosen in the library and when I realized it at the automatic check-out counter, I was too lazy to go and replace it and too conscientious (:D) to leave it somewhere.

I should have stopped when the author went on for 5 minutes about mascara and eyelashes. I should have stopped at least when I read ''She poured herself into the jeans'' (oh...dear Lord...all right, all right, we get it, she wears tight jeans). I should have definitely stopped when the hero looks at the heroine for the first time and the author chose ''three hundred rockets roared up her'' to describe this ! But I went on....foolishly went on....I think one part of me wanted to know how (badly) it ends and another over optimistic part of me kept hoping that it was going to get better.

The book is about a primary school teacher in London, who is caught in a love triangle between a colleague and a pupil's parent. Needless to say, the pupil, a 10 yr old boy, like in all Yash Chopra movies, tries his best to get his favorite teacher and father together and in the end succeeds, while the colleague turns out to be an evil master mind. The story should actually be done and done in less than a 100 pages but exactly like a Yash Chopra movie, it goes on for hours, sorry, pages and pages, only the songs are replaced by extremely annoying descriptions of what the fairer sex apparently likes to do and lengthy discourses about how to balance career and family !

I have a sneaking suspicion that this was written for teenage girls who squeal with delight when they meet their girl friends (and do it everyday !), wear matching pink clips in their hair, dream of boys that look like the Hulk and can never get a single math problem right !

This is not even a book review, I am just trying to get the book out of my system and improve my learning curve....phew...mudiyala!
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