Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nishabd leaves you speechless

Nishabd is probably a very controversial movie and God knows how many people are going to get agitated about this post, but with the few followers I have I guess I can take that risk :D !

In one phrase: a master piece from Ram Gopal Varma.

Its a slow movie and more so deals with the most controversial of stories where a 60 year old Amitabh and a 18 yr old girl fall in love. To make matters worse, he is a family man with a wife and the girl he falls in love with, is his daughter's friend.

When I saw the movie, I had no idea about either the story or the controversy surrounding it and I found the screenplay very different, very intriguing. The lighting, the camera angles, the music - everything looks like a thriller and this effect adds to the effect of forbidden romance and kind of makes you forget its a slow movie.

Jiah khan and her curls were perfect for that girlish charm, innocence and fun that draws Amitabh's attention to her. I like the way she says ''take it light'' or ''it was 11400 times better than that sas bahu serial you were watching''. I like her child like enthusiasm in showing delight and expressing disappointment when looking at her good and bad fotos. I like how she expresses her ''I-dont-care'' attitude.

Amitabh's life with his wife, an arranged marriage where there is more duty than love in everything one does, is interrupted by Jiah who seems like a breath of fresh air to him, brings out his youth, makes him laugh for no reason, makes him feel alive.

Depiction of Amitabh's really mundane life, the interesting relationship building between Jiah and him - simply brilliant.

Needless to say, the daughter and the wife and the boy who has a crush on Jiah are not happy, they throw tantrums and this results in his brother-in-law and friend, Nasser, coming home to give him a counseling session. As a result of the counseling session, Amitabh ends his relationship with Jiah and asks her to leave the house. His wife is unable to forgive him. Although, listening to this story would have normally made me reprimand the husband and reproach his morals, the way the movie was made, to me nothing seemed perverted. True, people were hurt but I still felt ''all is fair in love and war'' and I have never felt this way before in similar situations and I think the credit goes to RGV.

After this, he is lonely and even thinks about suicide but says ''uski yaadon main kuch aur din jeena chahta hun'' and he leads the rest of his life just with Jiah's memories. The scene where he explains this to Nasser is so moving and different that everytime you think about the scene, you get a different perspective. I consider this movie as Amitabh's best performance closely followed by Cheeni Kum, another movie that I liked and will write about soon.

The movie is definitely not for our ammas, appas but if you can watch it with an open mind, you might enjoy it even if you dont agree with it.

Finally, here are the links to some of the scenes I liked, in no particular order...actually these clips tell the story too (andha kalathu thirai malar madhri)
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