Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peters nemba peter !

''Somebody gonna get hurt real bad'' - if this rings a bell, then you know Russell Peters and you also know how an Indian tries to bargain with a Chinese :D !

I have thoroughly enjoyed some portions of his comedy but I have also squirmed in my place for his adult humour pieces. Anyway, he has a flair for what he is doing and he is good. I recently happened to catch an interview of him in NDTV, when he was touring in India.

There is one thing that I find weird - He talks about the acting being overdone in Indian movies. I do not agree with that. Yes, it might be quite all right for Bruce Willis to use the ''f'' word every 5th minute and yes, it might be quite all right to quietly shed a tear and walk away when your best friend is blown to bits in an English movie, but you dont expect that when you watch a desi movie right ? You want to see emotions - laughter, tears, anger, romance and all expressed brightly and powerfully (not necessarily overdone like in some 4 hr desi movies).

I have......
dreamt with Kajol .....''aisa pehli baar hua hai sathrah atarah saalon mein, andekha anjaana koi aane laga kayalon mein'' (well, I have an excuse, I was 16 then :D),
laughed with Vivek.....vgp dosai sizela elai irukarcheve milda doubt anenda
cried with Anjali.....endhru anjali endhru
sang with ARR....Mustafa, mustafa, dont worry mustafa (If you are in my age group, I bet it was your farewell song too)
danced with Arjun and Manisha....uppu karuvadu, oora vechu soru, ooti vida....
acted with Thirpurasundari.....pudusa kaapi podi vangirken, kaapi potu tharattuma ?

...........and I need them, I dont want them to act like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks....I have "peter'' movies to see all that.

I am not a fan of the soap-opera acting either (which is why I stay away from all the TV serials), but I really do not want to see desi movies sans emotions, I really don't.

The other thing I find hilarious is Russell Peters making fun of people's complexion and looks. To me its like the really bald George Costanza telling Seinfeld with conviction that thick lustrous hair is really important for him w.r.t a girl he is dating ! I mean...come-on, doesn't one have to be smart in the first place to actually make fun of dumb or dumber people ?!

Verdict: Peters - stuff irukku ana peter thangala !
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