Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mass heart attack ?!

I read this article and while I was reading it, I still couldn't believe what I was reading !

To a certain extent, I can understand people dying out of shock but this kind of mass heart attack still makes me wonder if its not defeating the whole purpose of YSR's efforts - what is the point of the welfare schemes he introduced if the beneficiaries are not even alive to enjoy it ?

For those people who committed suicide or immolated themselves, I have absolutely no sympathy. If there are foolish enough not to realise that life is precious, if they are naive enough not to realise that even if the person is gone, his good deeds make him live on and the only way to see him is to enjoy the fruits of his labour and pass on the torch to the next generation, then nobody can help them. It is in times like these that I understand why taking one's life is against the law !

I have also learnt from numerous ''helpful'' movies that in some cases, the self-immolation is not necessarily ''self'-created''. Even if that is the case, why do the villain-like-politicians believe that people will consider him/her popular or rather become popular when a dozen die this way ?

Why does this happen only in India (I may be wrong about this, if so, do let me know) ? Are we really a bunch of sentimental fools like it has been pointed out many times? Can we actually put this loyalty to better use than simply dying ?

When I see people here going crazy, screaming and sometime even tearing their clothes at a rock concert, I pity them and think to myself ''God help them'' but I think even those people are not crazy enough to die for a rock star or a celebrity or a philanthropist.

I don't understand and I don't think I want to either.....
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