Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why, amma, why ?!

My day began like any other day. After a good breakfast and a short nap, I dressed in new clothes and got ready for my daily walk. The weather was sunny and I was happy during the stroll in the fresh air. Suddenly I realized that I was on a different route. I wondered if it was one of those spontaneous outings that seemed to happen over the weekends but before I could wonder anymore, I came to a halt and to my intense surprise, was undressed. I was then measured (I tried to cheat by stretching my legs and toes) and weighed (was I looking too chubby wearing just my diaper?).

For a while, amma was playing with me and I didn’t understand why we bothered to come all the way to play when I had a perfectly good playpen at home ! Then she introduced me to someone else who looked a lot like amma – dark curly hair, similar build and complexion. Maybe this is one of my aunts. She smiled at me sweetly and tickled me. I was laughing, I turned and looked at amma. She looked worried. I was confused, amma usually smiles when I laugh. Then the lady started massaging my legs, uhhh…that felt nice. Just as I was getting comfortable enough, I felt a sharp sting and was shocked ! I thought it would stop, but it became more and more painful and I started screeching.

I turned and looked at amma again. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I was even more confused. Why wasn’t she doing anything to stop the lady from hurting me ?! Then the pain stopped and I was beginning to relax, when I felt a sting on my other thigh. Now the pain was unbearable and I was screaming again. More tears from amma, but she still wasn’t stopping the lady. Why, amma, why ?!

Amma then hugged me with her tear stained t-shirt. I felt her warmth and it was comforting. She kissed me, patted me down my back and hugged me again, even more tightly. She then shook hands with the lady. The lady patted amma on her shoulder and said something I didn’t understand. Then I got dressed and we went home. Amma didn’t look happy, she grumbled to thatha and paati. She then called appa and grumbled again. I heard her but didn’t quite understand what she meant when she said ‘’Oh…God, what are these doctors doing in the name of vaccination, giving a one month old baby 2 big fat injections ?! Can they not with all the science and technology figure out a painless way?!’’

When I grow up, I should ask her to explain.
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