Sunday, December 27, 2009

Avatar - The Story of Lord Rama

It was 7pm and I was all set with my huge glasses, a bottle of water and something to snack on. I was waiting for the curtains to part and the first ad to come up (I never feel like I have seen a movie in a theatre if I do not see the ads and trailers before the actual movie). Yup, I was all set to watch Avatar and see what took James Cameron and the crew 10 years to get it to the big screen.

In one phrase – a visual treat! If you haven’t already seen it, you are missing out on something.

This is not a review, but just my interpretation of what I saw. It may have spoilers, so do not read it if you haven’t seen it. At least that’s what I do anytime there is a movie that’s much hyped about.

To me it was too much like the story of Lord Rama (Obviously there is no 100% analogy, so please do not point out what is not similar). The title led me to think about the 10 avatars (Dasavatharam) and I was seeing more and more of Rama and his story in it.

The Blue Color – Ramar (I fondly remembered how paati used to describe silk saris – Ramar bluela then color border, I like using things we know to describe colors instead of the fancy burgundy, beige words ! Yes, Burgundy is a wine and the color is associated with it but how many people who use it actually know what it means?!)
The colorful dragon – Jatayu
The bow and arrow – Each time Jake took the bow and arrow stance, I always thought of the Ramayana Panchathantra comics.
The tree – Karpagavriksham (It is called the tree of life and eternity in Hindu mythology. I have to admit though I don’t know if this appears in Ramayana)
The hanging mountain – Sanjeevani malai (Hanuman brings it to save Lakshman’s life - yeah, yeah, was not a hanging mountain but was a mountain with special powers)
The belief in Death – Neytiri says that there is no death but the beings just go back to where they came from – exactly the belief Hinduism has (that is why the body is cremated, so that it returns to the earth)
The forest, The monkeys, The animals and Neytiri’s fondness for it and obviously the fight against evil (Evil today is indeed destroying nature).

Oh...well…coming back to the real world, the graphics (yeah, yeah, CGI) were unbelievable. Many times I forgot that the avatars are not actual actors and I never realized how lengthy the movie was (It was more than 2.5 hours) until I came out of the theatre and saw the time. Yes, the fight at the end was lengthier than it could/should have been but the rest of the movie more than makes up for it.

Go, go, get your 3D glasses (aka put on a nerdy look) and enjoy the movie!

Picture from the Ramayana animation movie
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