Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye, Bye, Microsoft Word

For someone who has written 2 thesis reports in Microsoft word and has spent more time on formatting than on the content, knowing that Microsoft is banned from selling Word is indeed good news to start off the new year with. Oh..well…nothing to be too happy about since Microsoft has apparently violated some patent in using code from another company for one of its features and they will most likely set it right soon.

I only wish people started suing Microsoft for physical and emotional strain in using its OS or office so that they will do more acceptance testing before releasing something full of bugs to the already stressed world. I simply cannot keep track of the number of times I or other people have lost unsaved work or had to restart the system for no apparent reason or have spent sleepless nights in getting a document in the right format. I have even heard of an incident where someone in Berlin threw out his computer out the window in frustration. The neighbors called the cops and they let him off with a warning saying that "we have all wanted to do it at one point"….enna kodumai Saravanan ?! I am willing to bet it was Microsoft related issues that drove to him to that frenzied state.

More testing, Fewer bugs/exceptions - Microsoft, can you make this your new year resolution?

Makkale, idhoda naan indha year joot, so see you all next year. Have a wonderful new year....ensoi maadi :D ! Vazhga, valarga !
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