Friday, December 18, 2009

Mike Mohan

I was listening to Nilavu thoongum neram yesterday and I couldn't help wonder at how lucky Mohan, or popularly known as Mike Mohan, was to get where he stayed for quite a few years.

There are 2 things that I believe took him to the top - one, Ilayaraja's brilliant compositions and two, his very pleasant voice that makes people believe that he is the one that is actually singing all those melodies. He obviously can take no credit for the former and apparently he has nothing to do with the latter either, as I learnt a few years ago, since it was'nt his voice and the dubbing was offered by some poor soul.

He looks decent, nothing special and I cannot remember one movie where his acting skills can be deemed ''excellent''. He was a very normal actor and the only movie where he showed some subtle difference was ''Mouna Raagam''....and yet, he was one of the most popular actors in the 80s and if I remember right, he was called the ''silver jubilee'' hero!

Things like these make one believe in thalaiezhuthu/kismat/fate !

To be fair to him, he always used to express himself as a singer, especially during the songs and he remained fit throught his regime, so maybe there is work behind every thalaiezhuthu/kismat/fate.....
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