Tuesday, December 29, 2009

4 Idiots

I first saw a movie with one idiot - Rocket Singh and then the '3 Idiots'...kooti kazhichu parunga, kanakku seriya varum !

Rocket Singh was a comedy but it had such a serious message - Business with Ethics ! All of us at one point have been frustrated with customer service or the money we have had to spend on parts that we have no clue about especially when dealing with electronic goods. Businesses take undue advantage of the customer's ignorance of technology and only profit margins matter. Can one step over this temptation ? That is more or less the crux of the movie. The message was clearly delivered - Business is about people not numbers. If you get the former right, the latter automatically falls in place. I didn't think anything in the movie was out of place, even the romance was so well integrated that one hardly thought about it separately. Ranbir kapoor plays the role to perfection and the supporting cast gives an equally applaudable performance. In short, a really good movie.

I want to talk about "3 Idiots" now but I can hardly find the words. MUST WATCH - even if you don't know hindi, watch it with subtitles (Hearing to Chatur's speech in the college day made me thank amma again and again for having forced me to learn hindi....ROFL !!). The movie was hilarious, brilliant, thought-provoking,...add a string of good adjectives here. You don't need to read the story or reviews or anything, just go watch it, you just have to !! It is really the Balatkar...oops...Chamatkar of the year !

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