Monday, December 28, 2009

Coffee 'Break'

….yeah, I am taking or rather have taken a break from coffee. Today is my 15th day without coffee (giving myself a pat on the back :D) and I cannot remember when I ever did this !

It all started with a colleague of mine who mentioned his abstinence from alcohol every year for 2 months – Jan and Feb, to make up for all the extra booz that goes in during Christmas and New Year. He usually has someone else do it with him for the sake of motivation and this year he had no one. When I volunteered he said “What is the point ? you don’t drink anyway!” and for some reason I said “I will do it with coffee” and we agreed on it.

Afterwards I got to thinking that I had been pretty hasty in what I had committed myself to since I am used to one cappuccino and one espresso everyday at work and our very own bru coffee at home during the weekend. With travel, it gets only worse since coffee remains the only palatable hot item most of the times, for vegetarians! So I decided to test how well I can resist coffee and surprisingly I didn’t miss it as much, so I decided to continue it until the end of Feb and actually overdo my deal (:D) by starting early.

I can’t really say I have become healthier in 2 weeks but I definitely feel so :D

Tips for taking a break from coffee:
- Have a fruit with breakfast – An apple is supposed to be 3 times more effective than coffee in waking you up (yeah, I understand, eating an apple during a meeting is awkward, that’s why there are other tips :D)
- Try different teas….no, no, not the masala chai with lots of sugar but I am talking about green tea and fruit tea. I used to dread green tea until I found one with a citrus aroma. It smells so good that I forget how bland it tastes :D. In winter, no matter what I drink, as long as its hot, I am happy! Remember, you should never drink green tea with milk and sugar. The fat-burning property of green tea is lost when you add either of these. Fruit teas can also be a welcome change since there are numerous flavours available and some of them can really agree with you
- Choosing another hot drink like bournvita or Ovalmaltine. The problem here though is the number of calories. One cup (around 250 ml) has nearly 300 calories (milk and sugar included)

Girls, Coffee is extremely bad for skin, complexion and can worsen acne problems (Guys, no offence, am assuming girls bother more about these things but you have the right to be equally concerned too).

So do you have one of your new year resolutions now :D? Hopefully its not – indha ponnu tholla thangala, ineme iva blog pakkam vara koodadhu !
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