Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am going south...

...if you thought I was doing badly then that's the whole point of the post ! Why is going south a bad thing ? Just because south indicates going in a downward direction in a traditional compass ?

For someone born in South India and living in South Germany, I take offence when someone uses ''going south'' for bad/declining things ! With the recession we had (yes, had, things are improving already) I have heard careers, companies, people everything going south and it irks me...really does !

I, for one, prefer going south in Italy/Spain - better weather, better places and a lot more fun.

I have also read ''going west'' and this is usually associated with the sun setting in the west and hence this expression is again used in a negative context.

Although I kind of understand the logic behind all these expressions (however twisted it is), I would feel a lot happier if we left the directions out of the nuances in the language !
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