Thursday, March 17, 2011

I miss my girls...

I was the only girl in my
….masters class at the University of Stuttgart…..
….department when I started at Bosch……
….department when I started at Intermap……

In short, my life in Germany has mostly revolved around interactions with men and on some days it gets really tiresome (Menfolk can truly be incredibly boring)! I have never been a pink-loving cho-chweet saying girly girl but at times it drives me nuts to have no female perspective around me!

I miss…
the infinite patience that girls (atleast most of them) have when shopping for the most trivial things…
explaining to a colleague that I was late because I couldn’t find matching shoes for an outfit (read realized that I couldn’t wear sneakers to work)….
discussing a co-passenger’s really weird eyebrows (I once mentioned it to Ashok and it freaked him out, he said concentrating on weird eyebrows made him see the woman as a witch :D)….
grumbling about my unsuccessful attempts of using cold wax strips at home….
talking about an emotional scene that I saw in a movie or read in a book….
gossiping about oh..well…anything and everything :D (Men are not allowed to roll their eyes at this statement given that they gossip equally well)
sharing ideas about what furniture or curtains to buy when moving into a new house (Men treat the concept of curtains so trivially that it drives me nuts!!)….
talking about weight loss (successful or unsuccessful attempts, work-out routines, diet tips…oh the list is endless….)

Yes, I can call my girl friends but they live in different countries and different time zones and waking up someone at 3 am to talk about eyebrows will only result in sleepy swear words ! Although I have a few girls here in Germany to call, I can hardly impose on them on week days when they have enough things to deal with. This is why, when I get the chance, I really abuse it ! All my conversations with my girl friends easily last an hour and anytime I go to a party and see a bunch of girls, I get all excited like a kid being taken for ice cream…after all it has indeed become a luxury that I get a glimpse of only now and then !

To all my girl friends out there: I REALLY REALLY MISS YOU !!
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