Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nandri, nandri, nandri

It was New Year’s Eve and among the many other wonderful things the day brought me, there was an email, an email that completely overwhelmed me! It was from a friend, let’s call him Ram and I take the liberty of quoting a part of his email here.

“I just finished reading all your 121 posts.........'t was like reading an unputdownable novel........a few chapters (chapters here akin to posts) were not as interesting albeit; as they were not within the precincts of my fathomable perspicacity.

None-the-less at the end of it, felt like Conan Doyle just killed Sherlock Holmes and he wouldn't return. It's gonna be a fanatic impatience waiting for the next post after this impasse. And that's just one of those ways it made me feel.

I Salute You my good are a humble person and a noble soul......your words enunciate wisdom, strength, resilience, conviction, agility, steadfastness, tenacity and innocence. I now wonder how can someone be as liberated while fastened by the physical, mental and emotional bonds of humankind..........I wonder??? I shall continue to awe at the mysterious and intimidating yet simple truth that you portray..........the scales of life will keep tilting no matter what, but in search of what is the question. If it is in search of balance, then you see 'what is' in everything; but conversely those who seek 'that what isn't' are looking for justifications and opinions.”

Obviously there are reasons as to why I was not simply flattered but completely overwhelmed….

- I envy Ram’s command over the English language, his wonderful style of writing and his powerful expression of thoughts (as you probably have already noticed). When he compliments me on my writing, I am speechless

- I worship Sherlock Holmes and I cannot count the number of times I have read his short stories and novels. Even mentioning Holmes (and in turn Doyle) in the context of my blog gives me goose pimples.

- I consider myself a voracious reader and I read many blogs regularly but never once have I bothered to read all the previous posts in any of my favorite blogs. So someone reading all the posts and comparing it to a book is just too much for me to take….

Weirdly, this email, instead of boosting my ego, is humbling. A few years ago, when blogging started, I checked it out and thought “This is for writers, not for someone who rambles on like me” and then suddenly one day a simple email made me start blogging. Life brings with it many surprises – from things like finding someone who would turn out to be one’s best friend to life altering decisions. My tenure in Germany (I never even knew where Stuttgart was exactly located before coming here) is one of them and today when many unknown people thank me for the information in my blog, I am surprised again since this was never a part of my plan...but never has been my plan....the plan comes from above and I simply execute it, don’t I?

What can be better than beginning this year’s blogging by thanking him ?! Thanks Ram, I will keep writing and I will consciously try to improve hoping that like the perfect artist, I have the knowledge of when to stop……or let the divine plan take care of it :)


  1. Happy New Year Soumya ..

    I came into your blog for MS in Germany info but quite instantly felt interested in its other contents also ..

    Your post on your dad is what made me click that "Follow this blog" button ...

    Keep writing ... after all, you have quite a good number of unseen fans ...

  2. Well; Conan Doyle wasn't much of a writer either until he started writing......or.....was he??
    Guess same goes for J.K. Rowling..... Neways, u get the message and that's that...Happy Blogging 2010

  3. :) Many Congratulations :) Am very happy to share your joy :)

    I know what exactly a compliment means :) to a writer :)

    Keep writing and think of writing a book soon:)


  4. Hi Sowmya.. Happy New Year!
    Well my english is not that good, so i needed dictionary's help to understand ram's msg :(, but the bottomline in simple words is ur blogs r very good :).

    "the plan comes from above and I simply execute it" this is rajini's dialouge from Arunachalam "andavan solran arunachalam mudikran" :D

    Keep writitng....


  5. ada ada market romba erudhe.. ippave rasigar mandra seyalalar postukku thundu pottrren.. apparam illannu solla koodathu..

    all the very best for lot more in 2010.

  6. @All
    Heartfelt Thanks, just like an artist needs applause, a blogger needs readers who give feedback since that is what keeps them going. Keep me going 

    Your comments are always frank, I really enjoy them

    Thundu ellam vendam, already reserve panniachu, you were my first regular reader :), enna unna romba nala ala kanum ??

    You know how indebted I am to you and if ever I write a book and it sells, I think I should talk to you about your royalty 

    En vazhi thani vazhinu nenachen, illa already neraya peru sollitanganu kavutheengale :D…..kidding aside, I do like Rajini’s philosophy, makes a lot of sense.

  7. Happy new year Sowmya ....

    Same like gokul .... i read your blog for MS in Germany but soon after that... i checked the other topics also and it interested me to read all your posts .... Though i dont understand some posts (like Genetics example :) ) ,i really enjoyed reading your posts and asked my close friends also to read .....

    My request to you is .... dont leave a big gap between your posts .... i kept on checking your blog around new year .... and when i logged in now .... i found some 6 posts :) .... so, be regular ...... :)

    Keep Rocking :)

  8. @dawson

    Happy new year to you too and thanks :)

    >>so, be regular - seringa sir (aha, enna vacation ellam poga ida maateenga polarukke....)

  9. vaazhthukkal :-) Enjoy the maadi..

    Vacation'ku ellam pOnga.. aana enga kitte sollitu or else permission vaangittu pOnga :-)

  10. /// Well my english is not that good, so i needed dictionary's help to understand ram's msg :( ///

    Ejactly :-)

    ///I do like Rajini’s philosophy, makes a lot of sense.///

    Athu thalaivar :-)


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