Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Shopping in Jan ?!

Today I got an email that said ''Nur noch 347 Tage bis Weihnachten'' i.e. ''Just 347 Days left until Christmas'' and it urged me to buy something and use their 5 euro gift certificate - enna kodumai saravanan ?! When people are still wishing each other ''Happy New Year'', urging them to shop for the upcoming Christmas is just marketing tactics at its preposterousest (another contribution to the English language :D) !! Well...it did catch my attention, so they score, but since its absurd, I won't buy anything, so effectively the marketing team should come up with something better.

Its sad that Christmas is being exploited so much. Most Christians would tell you that Easter is important than Christmas from a religious perspective and its only the gifts that's making Christmas score over it and businesses are taking undue advantage of it.

I saw a news piece in the CNN about how Christmas has gained popularity in Turkey. There is this journalist going around asking everyone what they like about Christmas and its almost inevitably the same reply ''Santa Claus'' and then when you see ''Santa Claus'' he is either advertising a coffee machine or a vacation.....paavam Santa ! Commercialization simply is gobbling up everything...why cant they at least leave Santa in peace for a while ?!
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