Friday, January 8, 2010

Respect the blizzard !

Makkale, if you haven't already seen the news, Germany is preparing for a blizzard ! There have been several warnings and instructions to prepare for it. You can find them here (in German).

Although it is not predicted to be as bad as in the UK, transport, electricity supply etc. will get affected. So take this is nothing like getting wet in the rain in South India and coming home to change and having something hot to get better !

- If you have travel plans and if you can avoid it, do so. Most airports and railway stations are announcing delays, so chances are that you are going to be late anyway, so why not postpone the trip from the comfort of your home ? The same goes for driving ! All roads are going to be icy and the supply of salt is ''stretched'' don't take chances.

- If you have no groceries at home, shop as soon as day breaks and don't wait until 7:30pm, chances are that shops may close early. Stock up on ready-to-eat food as well. Don't forget any medicines that you regularly need (esp. when the weather gets bad like if you have a sinus or asthma problem that worsens with the weather !)

- Cook some food for the weekend tomorrow, if there is no supply you will have no electric stove...duh ?! Fill up a couple of bottles (or more) with water or stock up on a few litres of water as well.

-Charge your mobile phones, laptops and anything that you cannot live without even for a few hours (:D) now

- Pass this info on to your friends and add any tips that I have skipped.

Don't mess with Nature, Stay warm, Stay safe !

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  1. :-) ippO thaan velila pOgalaamnu paathittu thirumba vanthutten :-)

  2. Blizzard ellam enakku rusk saapidramathiri.. weathermen predict 100 out of 2 blizzards!! so philosophically, "idhuvum kadandhu pogum"..

  3. @SK
    nalla kariyam !


    true, i was not as disastrous as predicted but ore travel chaos. naan chumma athula iruka mudiyama walking kelambi thirumbi varathukkulla podhum podhumnu ayiduthu, avalo slippery roads !

  4. oh.. ithula walking.. avan avan talking'e mudiyaama irukkaan.. otharudhu.. paththu naala pani karaiyaama irukku ooru muzhukka..

    irunthaalum.. vettaikaaranukku sun tv kodukkara over hype maadhiri koduththutaanunga.. kadaisila except north engaiyum romba damage illai pOla


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