Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its raining boost cake !

For perplexed readers, boost cake is a sweet made with milk, flour, sugar, ghee and our very own bournvita aka boost. I was reading another recipe when I came across the boost cake recipe in one of the blogs and it brought back all my memories of amma’s boost cake since she used to make it for every Diwali and I was always the taster. Like the blog says - Pop a piece into your mouth while its still warm, and melt away in ecstasy, as it melts in your mouth!.....just thinking of it makes my mouth water (actually have a lot of jollu in my mouth right now !!)

Ever since I read it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and so mentioned it to amma on the phone. Without delay, amma prepared it, boxed it up and have my brother drop it off at my cousin’s place since my cousin was headed to Amsterdam in a couple of days. Amma had made 2 boxes – one for my cousins and one for me. Inga dhan kadaila oru twist – when my brother delivered it, he failed to mention that one of the boxes is for me. Afterwards I hear on the phone from some other cousins that the sweet was great and they all had it during the get-together and I am thinking ‘appo enakku?!’…then I learnt about the ‘twist’ and thought ‘ahaa...' and I discussed my sogam with my best friend, who is incidentally married to one of my cousins (yeah, yeah, I have many of them :D) and then forgot about the whole thing.

Last weekend when Ashok came home he says ‘I have a surprise for you, a surprise that will make your eyes pop’ and he hands me a bubble-wrapped-over-an-aluminum-foil-inside-a-plastic-cover package (this would have really been one long word in German :D) and even when I feel it, I know what it is...I rip the package, microwave the boost cake and the first bite sends me to seventh heaven (whatever that means !)...then I learn that my dear cousin not only brought it with him to Amsterdam but decided to courier it to Ashok asap to make sure I get it while its still fresh…..Sowmya cousina kokka ?!

Today I learn that another courier is on its way. My best friend (who has a 10 month old baby), on hearing my soga kadai, immediately called amma, got the recipe, made the boost cake and sent it by courier to Germany…Sowmya friendna chummava !?

It was a whim that was brought about by me being vetti and reading some recipe...to think that there are so many people to take it seriously and fulfill it for me...now you know why I love them all to bits, now you know why there are no easy goodbyes...
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