Friday, March 6, 2009

Why did I start blogging ? thanks to D !

I believe one has to answer this question to assuage the curiosity of the readers (and to save myself from explaining this to numerous people using numerous different media....)

So, why am I blogging ? D asked me to.

Who is D ? My e-friend (and I have to protect my e-friend's privacy!).

Is there a story behind this ? Ofcourse, read ahead.

Last month, I had a forward from one of my friends and the content was such that it prompted me to take the liberty of sending a reply with my views, not only to my friend but also to his friends in the CC. One of them wrote back and I am pasting the response here, verbatim - "I couldnt resist typing this email in response to your fast well-written and expressive email. I love this attitude of saying what you have to say, no matter what. I like your view point. Do you write articles? If you have not attempted, you should sometime. Trust me, if you are anything like me, you'll surely attribute a reasonable percentage of success in your relationships and profession to your blog, as all thoughts that occupy quite some space in your brain is out on paper, so you can keep it free to buy in more of thoughts and this blog or any writing for that matter keeps you sane and expressive most of the times. It works that way for me. "

Like Sherlock Holmes, I am accessible on the side of flattery too. So I gave D's response a serious thought.....there are two things that have always made me communicative (am known for writing long emails, without always hitting the reply button). Why ?
- I am a people person and I always stay in touch
- I have an opinion about almost everything under the sun

and lo....(imagine a sunrise with suitable music)....I decided to 'blog' (it is amazing how technology causes the language to evolve - for better or for worse is a matter of perspective!)

D was perfectly right. I feel so light and seem to have a clarity of thought when I have put everything down in black and white. I am really going to this often....thank you D !
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