Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paris in 3D

As an engineer, I am completely amazed at the 3D rendering and not just using grey building models but completely textured 3D building models especially on an embedded device.

the ''+''
- very nicely textured 3D building models with descriptions for tourists
- Lots of POIs (points of interest)
- clever platform: iPhone supports Open GL ES and hardware graphics acceleration (triggering an avalanche of applications !)

the ''-''
- iPhone still does not support multi-tasking i.e. if you want to take a call, you cannot use it as a navigator anymore and the time taken for the navigation to restart depends on how smart the application you use is !
- A number of applications have to run in parallel on an iPhone which means this application will get very limited resources (and am sure they are not showing this in the demo)
- The price: if you have been in the iPhone apps store, you will know what I mean. There are around 30,000 iPhone apps and if you choose the cheapest (which most people do), this 7 euro application will never show up.
- is too real: If i was a tourist planning to go to Paris, this application which shows the city in broad daylight effects with no traffic might prove a disappointment if I land in Paris in october on a rainy day with cars and tourist buses everyday. Plus I feel this kind of removes the element of surprise that one gets when one visits a new has to learn to live with technology :) !

This application is going to be developed further for many other cities. Let's wait and see if this aids tourism or if the too-real factor makes people just content with the video :D !

Image from the mobile3Dcity video of Paris
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