Monday, September 28, 2009

From Zurich to New York

When you take 4 flights on a day, you pretty much will have to look at the flight magazine at least once. When I was browsing the Swiss air magazine, I was pleasantly surprised by the article it had - a detailed description of a long distance flight from Zurich to New York right from ground checks and crew briefing to the touchdown at JFK.

Some interesting things I learnt:

The airbus, under consideration, has been flying this route everyday for the last one year, without any issues whatsoever - hmmm..not bad....

It weighs 196 tonnes completely fuelled and with passengers on board - 196 tonnes taking off and flying....vazhga Wright brothers, valarga Science

Flight traffic rules dictate that all flights pass on the right of a straight line on the ground , like a railway track and that's why the pilot sits on the left. - What about in Britain and in India :D ?!

Every seat on flight is put through rigorous stress tests. - does the test include checking if there is enough leg room to cross your legs and read a book while eating :D ?!

Every seat in the business class costs as much as a normal family car. - adangokka makka !

People in first class get their own pyjamas - ahaa.....

Flight attendants are allowed to wear only a maximum of 4 rings in their fingers and nothing on the thumb or the forefinger. Only a max. of 2 bracelets and both together cannot exceed 4 cm in width. - appadi....thavilakara madhri dress panna yaarayum pakka vendam....!

Of the 8 hours flight, the pilot actually flies only a few minutes, the auto pilot takes care of the rest - idhu therinju irundha naan kooda pilot ayirpene...

Inspite of the outside temperature of -76 F, the airbus still has to be conditioned to counter the radiation of the sun and carbondioxide from the passengers - idhuku dhan porvai kudukara !

All flight attendants should be trained to assist in child birth - ada..ada..ada...this is really one kind of a job description...truly multi-faceted

There are passengers who don't eat on board, who don't sleep due to fear of flying, those who sit close to the back where the blackbox is, since they believe that will improve their chances of survival in case of a crash - ada kadavule....

oh...well...thats all I can remember although there were many others. What I also liked was including some pictures of passengers now and then with their purpose for the trip, be it a husband going home to meet his wife or 2 pensioners taking a long awaited vacation; loved the personal touch.
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