Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second place counts !

I just finished watching the grand finale of ''India's Got Talent'' and I am really happy with the choice for the first and second places although I believe the third place was mainly due to the home advantage (many votes from Mumbaites for a Mumbai based group) than talent...anyway I am digressing....I will have another post just about the show.

The third place winners had their moment of glory and then there were 2 groups to choose from and the tension runs doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that revealing any one of the two places actually concludes announcing the results since the other place is automatically implied.

The hosts chose to announce the first place and naturally the winners deserved to rejoice after all the hardwork and hours of practice, not to mention their hopes and dreams coming alive with a price money of 50 Lakhs and a Maruti ka shandhar Gadi (like Nikhil reminded us a million times) Ritz...they were overjoyed, the got a standing ovation and glitter falling on them from the cieling of the magnificent set.

And all along, the group that probably missed out on winning the show by a few votes stands quietly in the background...their moment in the limelight is gone since the thunder was stolen by the winners and all they got was a bike worth 50K (how can you have a factor of 100 between prizes for the first 2 places ?! Its like having platinum and thagara dappa (Tin) medals in the Olympics !)...nobody seemed to remember that they stood 2nd out of probably 1000s of different contestants from all over India and have gone through gruelling sessions of practice and multiple levels of screening from both the judges and the audience. They deserved an applause even if not a standing ovation to tell them that they did make a mark, to tell them that they deserve to go on, to reach much higher levels ! Clap, clap, clap from me (and probably a few others who did so while watching the show) !

Exactly the same thing happened in the ''Super Singer'' show (and God knows it went on for years!)....while both Renu (third place) and Ajesh (the winner) had a round of appreciation, all Ravi (second place) got was a pat on the back with everyone moving towards Ajesh and jumping around him.

When the show has judges, planners, hosts, choreographers and thousands of technicians and all experienced ones at that, would it not occur to one person to point out that the second place counts ?! I sure hope someone does, atleast in the future.

From my side...congrats Ravi !! Great work, ''Lok Manya Tilak Sanskrutik Gnyas'' !! Here is my salute to your talent and I wish with all my heart that you go places !

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