Saturday, August 29, 2009


Kokorakko I mean, Kanthasamy movie was my agenda for saturday morning. For the last few years the only tamil movies I have seen in the theatre in Munich include Shivaji and Dasavatharam and because of all the hype that has been generated, Kanthasamy became a part of that list too...well...unfortunately !

The movie started at 11:00 am
11:20 am: idhu onnum theradhu polarukke....
11:40 am: mudiyala.....
12:20 pm: venam.....azhuduven......
12:45 pm: Interval....well....lets say I seriously did consider going home only held back by the miserly thought of getting my money's worth !
13:45 pm: dei...enna vitrungada....
2:15 pm: appadi...the end.....the relief was mixed with pity for kalaipuli dhanu for his money and Vikram for his time and effort!

To sum up the movie in a few words, it was a very bad potpourri of Anniyan and Shivaji, more along the lines of puliya (shankar) parthu poonai (Susi Ganesan) soodu potunda kadai ! The concept of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor has been done to death and the director should've realised that just grandeur is not going to impress the audience. The story was weak, the screenplay weaker, the music and re-recording pathetic and the result godawful !

The only plus was Vikram - he seems extremely fit and his hardwork shows in many frames and the saving grace was a couple of decent comedy scenes from vadivelu that made one forget the misery and laugh a bit ! I am not going to go into details because I seriously believe its not worth my time or yours but here are a few that I have to list...

What was annoying:
- Vikram's seval like behaviour....if it was like the mask of Zorro, quick and subtle, it would have been a lot more enjoyable
- the english rap song that goes along with his costume...panra rap atleast thamizhla irundhu irukalam !
- the total lack of coherence in the screenplay and abysmal editing

What was most annoying
- Shreya and her attitude...I agree she has a good figure but she has had some really bad lessons about attitude (she probably got them from Paris models and totally failed to emulate them!) and someone should tell her that flaunting one's back side every 5th min loses its charm even for the opposite sex.
- the unbelievably badly choreographed song in the end with the villain and an ''extra''....whoever came up with the idea of making the villain do a pole dance ?! Goundamani bashaila ''idha pakka kanna pidingi kaakkaku potudalam'' !

In short, spare yourself the trouble, don't bother watching the movie even if its telecast on TV !! If you are tempted to spend money for it - kasuku pidicha keda !?!!

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  1. I too got the same feeling. Hereafter if Tamil Film ppl says.. Holywood tharathirku inaiyaaka" .. we have to be doubly careful!

  2. @Renekan

    I agree with the former but not with the latter since Hollywood has a lot of movies that are intolerable and flopped big time...Armageddon, for instance.

  3. I agree with this and I am still irritated with Shreya. I saw your review after I got back from the theatre :)

  4. me the escape!! i don't know how this dhanu makes money.. he has given a flop with every big actor i think. Music is a big hit here. esp miyav miyav poone and excuse me Mr.Kandasamy are doing good..

  5. @Bharath

    Actually I was so fed up with movie and how the songs were picturized that I did'nt even bother looking them up later in youtube. Vikram ayyo paavam !


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