Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How lucky are you ?

You are running late to catch your flight and when you reach the counter you know your flight is already gone but then comes the announcement that the flight is delayed by an hour and you sigh with relief while your friends claim you are lucky !

There are people who never miss a train or a bus ever, there are people who never lose baggage, there are people who get everything at the right time, there are people who brush death and escape alive and unscarred (both physically and mentally)

Some call them blessed, some call them lucky.....but at one point or another we have all believed in ''luck'', maybe worded in different terms.

So what if in this business world, where everything is ''green'' and is measured with GDP, stock value, ''luck'' also became an investment ?

Thats what the movie Luck is all about.

I would love to discuss it in detail, about how some parts left me bewildered, some parts left me shocked and analyse the rights and wrongs in it but that would be a spoiler.

So dont read reviews, dont ask your friends for a storyline, just watch the movie and I bet you will be taken aback in one way or another (disclaimer: need not necessarily be in a good way).
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