Tuesday, August 25, 2009

His last laddus....


Although the news piece is very sad, I have some questions about it

- Since when is a 39 yr old man considered a ''youth'' in India ? Should I be vain enough to consider that my blog brought about such a change and sad enough to think that it was brought about in this unfortunate incident?
- Had it happened in the US, will somebody sue the contest holders and also the movie makers of ''maya bazaar'' with ''kalyana samayal sadham'' that is very often shown on TV ?
- how is it an achievement to win an eating contest ? Idha chumma panna namma thinni pandaramnu solla maatom ??
- How did noone show eating as a talent in ''India's got talent'' ?

The kidding aside, lets hope that in the future, contest holders exercise some discretion in choosing the participants (and maybe even in choosing the contest concepts in the first place !) and viceversa. The loss of a life is not a joke, anyday !
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