Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Wave is making waves !

Situation 1: I write a blog and I am waiting for an important person's feedback. I check my blog - no comments. I check my gmail - no messages. I check my orkut - no scraps. I check my phone - no sms. I finally login to messenger and bingo, there is an offline waiting for me !

How great would it be if all these applications were linked to in one browser using some smart APIs ?? Solution: Google Wave

Situation 2: I am working on a project report - a project that involves multiple people from multiple teams across mutliple time zones. Each edit is marked with a tag but it is so difficult to keep track of conversations that explain the edits with the edits themselves.

How helpful would it be if I can converse and edit using the same tool and extract one or both at same or different times and send it to the same or different people ?! Solution: Google Wave

Situation 3: I upload pictures from a trip to picasa, a few to orkut and a couple to my blog. I suddenly realise that I have misspelt one of my foreign friend's names in the pictures.

How nice it would be if there were only one copy of the pictures and editing one would change it in all the different portals ?! Solution: Google Wave

Situation 4: I am typing an email and the spell checker is driving me crazy by just matching words to a dictionary. Too and to are both correct words but you are to kind makes no sense !

How smart it would be if my spell checker understood the context and used it for correction and for highlighting mistakes ? Solution: Google Wave

Situation 5: I am inviting people to go to a friend's wedding and I have 20 responses with a few of them saying ''I'll attend'', a few saying ''no'' and yet another few saying ''if time permits''

How practical it would be if there was an in-built gagdet to parse these emails and give me a list of attendees ? Solution: Google Wave

Before I start listing a multitude of situations, you should go and watch the Google Wave Preview at - its time well spent, seriously !
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