Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rock on rocks !

A Rock band ''Magik'' breaks up and gets back together - sounds simple enough and maybe even a touch ''predictable'' but the movie still works because of the people, music and screenplay.

What was refreshing: Screenplay, No unnecessary drama be it a husband-wife fight or lovers breaking up or the band breaking up, the climax, the actor being the playback singer too (so that you did not have to deal with totally different voices between the scenes and the songs)

What was interesting: Subtle changes in Aditya with and without 'Magik' that still make a huge difference

What was cliched: one of them having brain tumour

What was jaw-dropping: Aditya's house - the interior decoration probably cost the earth....although I can never see myself in living such a luxurious house (it would simply be too weird !)

What was contagious: the Nana na na from pichle saat dinon, Killer Drummer or KD's great attitude (well, hopefully), one line from the tumor patient - agar jana hi hai to why not with a bang ?!

What was funny: KD through and through

Verdict: If you have nothing against rock bands/music, you would really enjoy this movie ! I thoroughly did !
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