Thursday, June 18, 2009

It never ends, does it ?

Day-before-yesterday: in-land letters - I remember a scene with my mom making a list of people with a bunch of in-land letters on the side, all with same text (some snippets - shemam, anega namaskaram, upanayanam, asirvadham) inviting a few elders for my brother's upanayanam and this is besides the formal invitations that are sent out. You are expected to ''re-invite'' some people with your own handwriting.

Yesterday: Phone - I remember making a list of people to call before I left India to come to Germany for my higher studies. This was besides the email I sent out giving people the good news. You are expected to receive a ''personal'' bon-voyage from certain people.

Yesterday/Today: Email - I remember compiling multiple different mailing lists to send out 3 different kinds of my wedding invitations. This was besides the wedding website I had created to let people know what was going on before, during and after. You are expected to invite certain people in certain ways and for certain parts of the ceremony (be it the wedding or reception)!

Today/Tomorrow: Orkut/Facebook/Twitter - I already have an orkut profile and I am fighting in vain to not accept invitations in Facebook since maintaining the existing social network accounts by itself is challenging ! You are expected to invite certain people, send them regular ''how are you'' messages, comment on their photos, visit their not even going to bother finishing this list...

Tomorrow/Day-after: Google latitude - Among others, you are probably expected to give your lat long coordinates to certain people.

Inspite of all this, who among us have not had complaints about having missed telling someone something at the right time (not to mention ''right'' is totally a matter of perspective !) !?!?

With all these tools in hand, it looks like we never give people a chance to miss us or each other but isn't the truth the exact opposite ?! Don't we always complain how about how we hardly talk or catch up with a friend, a cousin, a colleague and in some cases, a parent ?! Is it because we always only expect others to do it ?!

On another note, Technology changes, develops but People do not.

So what is happening with Darwin's theory, are we still ''fit to survive'' this technology boom ?! I wonder....
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