Friday, June 26, 2009

Like like same same

If you grinned while reading the title, you are totally a Micheal Madana Kama Rajan (MMKR) fan, like me! I fell in love with the movie the first time I saw it and here is a short version of the love story....

Bangalore, May 3, 1991: It is a pleasant afternoon in Bangalore and we were out for a walk with our relatives whom we were visiting for the summer hols. We pass a theatre that displays a poster of 'Releasing tomorrow - Michael madana kama rajan'. My father remarks that we should try to watch the movie in B'lore since getting tickets in Chennai for a newly released kamal movie would be next to impossible. We all vigorously nodded our heads and continued walking.

Bangalore, May 4, 1991, 4pm:
Mama thatha (my father's uncle) comes in and says ''get ready, the movie starts in an hr'' and before I even had a chance to realise that it was MMKR, my mom was hurriedly plaiting my hair ! In those days, B'lore was a simple city that was known for its good weather, lalbagh and roses and we didn't have to fight traffic for hours to get to the theatre !

Bangalore, May 4, 1991, 5:15 pm:
The theatre looks a lot different than in Chennai but since its the first day first show, noone is complaining !! The movie begins with the kadai kelu song and I am thinking if they finish a good part of the story in a single song, what will do they do for the remaining time ?! Singeethem Srinivasa Rao had a perfect answer to that !

Bangalore, May 4, 1991, 5:30 pm:
hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

Bangalore, May 4, 1991, 6:30 pm:
hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

Bangalore, May 4, 1991, 7:30 pm:
yawn....since this is where they unnecessarily drag the climax but since they gave us almost 2 hrs of hahahaha, we condoned it !

Bangalore, May 4, 1991, 7:30 pm:
We are still talking about the movie and we are still hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha and here is why:

Kameswaran & Thripurasundari
- sundari neeyum: the venpattu madisar, pattu panchakacham, sandanam, azhagana veedu, kanaru and everything abt it
- yaaruku kalyanam, nekka (shocked tone), nokka (relieved tone), nekkum nokkuma (unbelievably shocked tone!)
- thirpura sundari illa thiruttu sundari
- pommanti karanja nekku thangadhu kettaya
- I mean what I mean but they cant be so mean - enna ezhavu ellarum meen meengra ?! ROFL !!
- and this whole sequence is actually ingrained in my brain and that I can perform it even when I am just half-conscious and I cannot keep track of how many times I have performed it for friends, hostel rooms, weddings, on the stage (won the first prize for extempore mono-acting :D)

Subramanya Raju
- rum bum bum
- his response to Madan's ''catch my point'' - shokka sonnayya, dhoolya, adhellam apdiye varadhu dhan illa, nyabagam vechukaren, naanum engayavadhu adhichu vittudaren and this is brilliant yet subtle humor about human nature at its peak !
- one nimute
- neenga flower likera, like same same
- en muzhu peru Madan, friends ellam chellama surukama subramanya rajunu koopduvanga

- the 'like-am-bothered' attitude in saying 'note adicha police dhan varum'
- slaps his father: enna pa appavaye adikara - this has a special meaning to me since my dad tells me ''enna micheal appavaye adikara'' anytime I punch him playfully :)

- his NRI english 'sorry I had to barge in on our meeting like this..'
- his tug of war with Nagesh: ettu ponnu mela sathiyama solren, naan panatha edukave illa followed by Bheemboy jumping out of the window !
- his Bheemboy

- oru thadi al, oru podi al, ivan pala sizela adiyal vechurukkan da
- indha al kitta namma ala kamicha indha al boss, vera oru al kooda serndhu namma ala mudichiduvan, to which boss replies ''evalo al da, enda kootam sekareenga ?!''

I can go on and on about every other undoubtedly the best comedy movie of all time ! And now all this writing makes me want to see this movie am dint think I would not have a copy of this movie on my laptop after all this hype, did you ?!
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