Monday, June 8, 2009


Launching on June 17th is a real cool set of Apps for the iPhone – AccuTerra.

This is just in (June 12, 2009): Apple World Wide Developers Conference awarded Intermap's Accuterra App for the iPhone "best iPhone 3.0 App. of 2009"! More details at

These detailed outdoor mapping Apps (click on the image above for a better view) allow you to plan, track, take pictures along your hike, share the hike with friends on your iPhone or email, and post the 'hike' to Facebook or LinkedIn. Friends can click on the link you put on your page and find themselves viewing your hike in Google Earth or Google Maps. Check it out now at or find it in iTunes by searching ‘AccuTerra’

Although this is a shameless marketing of a product my company is involved with, I wouldn’t do it if I did not consider it worthwhile. I have seen and used the application on an iphone and it’s simply amazing!!

If you are a regular hiker and you have an iphone, this is just for you !
You can watch some demos of the product here -
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