Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can u spel rit ?

There are 3 kinds of people - people who cannot spell right, people who can but think spelling right will take a lot of time and believe in riting lyk dis and people who dont do the former and totally hate the latter ! ....and this exclamation point (and actually the blog itself) should make it clear which category I fall into or always strive to fall into....

''The sweetest words in any language are those of one's own name''
I think it is actually superfluous to use an adage to make such an obvious point - do not misspell someone's name when you are writing to them. There have been umpteen times that has happened to me be it in a email or a scrap and what I do not get is how ?! My name is in my email id and also in my orkut profile right next to where one is actually typing and how can one still not spell it right ?! And I am not talking about typos (not that they can be condoned all the time), am talking about someone taking the liberty of giving a whole new version to my name ! I am all the more appalled when someone does that in an official email, more so in case of a prospective client or partner - if you cannot spend time in getting the names of your clients or partners right, then you can be sure that you are not going to be in business with them much longer !

Not everyone is a walking dictionary; not everyone has command over languages and above all, not everyone is used to switching between desktops, laptops, blackberries and whatnots - agreed !
But is putting in effort to not massacre the language too much to ask ? There are certain short forms that I have come across, that I would rather not discuss in a public forum, that are totally ''inappropriate'' and people tend to use them unknowingly for years until someone comes along and corrects them.

The objective is communication - also agreed !
But how is ''dis'' instead of ''this'' helping ? I can even condescend to accept these in a sms but seeing people write emails or chat like this is simply too annoying !

I do not claim that I never do this, I do but I draw the line when it comes to saying ''sthing'' instead of ''something''....that for me does not constitute an abbreviation, acronym or any short form for that matter !

Abbreviations kill a language, its vocabulary and the nuances that come with it. I have known a lot of people who thought ''come-on'' was spelt ''common'' wonder....since most people simply write c'mon !

The frequency of English words is ever increasing in German, French and not to mention the Indian languages, mainly because of technology growth and sharing. So with English being the one language strongly influencing all other languages, let's strive not to strangle it and develop a lustre-less (and maybe soon word-less) language lyk dis !
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