Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fire, Fire, Fire !!

"When a woman thinks that her house is on fire, her instinct is at once to rush to the thing which she values most. It is a perfectly overpowering impulse. A married woman grabs at her baby; an unmarried one reaches for her jewel-box." - an excerpt from one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes stories, 'A Scandal in Bohemia'.

When I was reading the story, I wondered about what I would do if there was a fire in my apartment today given that I neither have a baby nor a jewel box :D ! I made a list of things I would try to save, starting with the highest order of priority
- My photo albums: these custom made hard copies are the result of hours of hard work and they have photos of my choice, of my nearest and dearest ones, in the chronological order with my comments.
- My external hard drive: soft copies of all the photos and videos I have.
- My passport: I live in a foreign country where my passport is the only form of identification I have. I would prefer not to pull a Tom hanks in ‘Terminal’!
- My documents file: I have a file with everything right from my driving license to my tax returns to my degree certificates and I know it would be a pain to get duplicate copies of all of them.

In a way, I think I will be able to save all of these since they are all on my computer table. But this also makes me think of the ‘back-up’ strategy – I do have scanned copies of my passport and documents. I do have a backup of my photos and videos, so the only things left out are my photo albums..hmmm...not bad, not bad at all....

For the sake of my clothes, furniture and ofcourse my apartment owner, for the sake of firemen and above all, for the sake of peace, let there be no fire….roaring or not!
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