Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sherlock Holmes, finally.....

I have been waiting for the movie forever and it got released on Thursday, the 28th of Jan (one of the issues of being in a non-english speaking country!). I had a good mind to go alone for the night show that very day, when one of my friends, also a Holmes fan (-atic), invited me to Stuttgart for the weekend. So I decided to wait a couple of days more since its always fun to watch it with someone who understands what all the excitement is about, right ??

On another note, seeing Stuttgart brought back a flood of memories...I think one never forgets the place where one was a student......and with a great effort, I managed to only fondly think of Stuttgart without missing it too much.....yeah, yeah, no easy goodbyes is equally valid for places.....ohh...I miss singara Chennai....sigh......

I had made a telephonic reservation. We were 4 to start with and we turned to 8 and I was having my doubts about being such a large gang (given that I was meeting 4 of them for the first time) because this was a movie I wanted to direct my full attention to and not be distracted by questions from non-Holmes readers….that would indeed be very annoying (I am sure Harry Potter fans can back me up here - they give you a dirty look if you do not know who Malfoy’s aunt is!! - although Holmes is on a completely different scale) and I had made a mental note that I was only sitting next to my friend, the Holmes fan. We were going for the night show and when I saw how it was snowing in the afternoon, I started wondering again if we will even make it given that the theatre was at least 40 km away (My friends lived in Reutlingen while the theatre was in Stuttgart and once again, I made a mental note that I would force everyone to start early and that no weather was going to get in between Sherlock and me! When I mentioned this to Ashok, he replied in an amusing tone – ‘I don’t even think you have been this worried while catching a flight to India or when appearing for your final exams!!’

My first disappointment was when I entered the theatre and saw that the movie was allocated to the smallest hall (Of all the darned cheek!). As one of my friends rightly pointed out, the screen looked more or less like an A3 paper in landscape mode! To top it all, there was a couple in front of me who seemed to be extremely fond of huddling and cuddling. Every time they did one of those (without thinking that not everyone in this world is over 6 feet!!); I had to shift, crane and do everything I could…..

Finally, to the movie itself (Warning: has many spoilers)

- To me, the biggest one was the movie not being a supernatural one and akin to the Hound of Baskervilles, there was a ‘simple’ explanation (simple for Holmes, of course) behind every thing that seemed humanly impossible.
- Using a different and original plot while still retaining the essence of a Sherlock Holmes story
- Verbalising Holmes' thoughts (and at the speed he thinks) was very well done, completely enjoyable
- London with its dreary weather, four wheel horse cabs, king’s cross train station completely caters to the reader’s imagination
- Dialogues directly from the various stories, that make the familiar fans grin :D !

- The biggest was Holmes being characterized as a ‘funny’ character. Yes, he is eccentric but he only fools others and never makes a fool of himself!! The scene showing Holmes handcuffed to the bed (by Irene) and the one where Mary pours the drink in his face offended me very much (you should now imagine my nerves showing up like in the Ratchagan movie)….oh..come-on, there is a difference between not liking women and being tactless with them.
- How in the world can Watson be taller (and look healthier) than Holmes?? What in God’s name did the casting director think when he made even Lestrade taller than Holmes!?!? In many scenes, Watson comes across as a life saviour and steals the scene….utterly unpardonable and on behalf of all fans, I object, I most vehemently object.
- The explosion scene was like one from a Gabdun (Vijaykanth) movie, where Holmes comes out unscathed...friendly explosion !

All in all, a decent movie but certainly not starring the Holmes that Conan Doyle fathered!

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