Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Plastic Surgery

I got a forward from one of my friends about a free plastic surgery camp, at Pasam Hospital, Kodaikanal from March 23 to April 4, when internationally acclaimed surgeons from Germany will perform surgeries in the hospital to needy patients – apparently could be anyone ranging from a fire accident victim to someone affected with congential deformities (like cleft lip).

As with any forward, I first googled it to make sure it was legitimate and sure enough, I came across the same article in the Hindu. So pass this information on to others for you never know who may benefit from it.

Note: The forward seems to refer to a camp in 2009. Thanks to SK for pointing it out (...slap on forehead...). Google shows details of the camps having taken place every year since 2005. Please call 04542 240778 and 240668 (for those outside India, you have to dial 0091 before dialing the number) to learn the exact dates of the camp this year. If I get any more info, I will include it here.

Stay healthy, people !

A note for those who can afford the surgery but still want to act smart: Don't be cheap, cheap and cheap; allow the less privileged to make use of it.
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