Saturday, November 21, 2009

The World or My World ?

Here is a great video from the Devdutt Pattnaik from TED (Ideas worth spreading) talks. It is nearly 20 minutes but completely worth watching because he explains the East Vs West in such a logical (and weirdly thought provoking at the same time) way.

The example he choses to explain the basic difference between the world and my world, his comparison of how business is influenced by mythology and hence the associated behaviour, the Indianness (the yes/no headshake, the usage of mostly/probably - everything that leads to exasperation when foreigners do business with us) are all simply brilliant.

The part I loved was his request at the end - When you meet someone, understand that you have your own subjective truth and so does he/ always comes back to giving others benefit of doubt, doesn't it ?
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