Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everything is beautiful !

One of my friends always posts interesting links in his orkut display message. Yesterday he had a link to the 25 chosen images from the National Geographic International Photography Contest.

Each picture has a beauty of its own and although it says that the users can rate these pictures, I am not sure I can. But from a girly view (:D), I loved 10.

The beautiful blue sea always scares me a bit....it always reminds me that nature is powerful and its dangerous to mess with it. 18 falls under that category.

2 is philisophical, 4 makes one marvel nature, pictures with animals in it make me applaud the photographer and the camera (no..no...I dont like saying cho chweet...) and 20 just reminds me of my march past/drill experience from school (I can still recall the formations we made with our white-gloved hands !)

Oh..well...just smile at all the beauty there is in this world !


  1. I agree. Nature is all powerful, beautiful and a best friend most of the times :)

  2. :-) Very nice one..

    ps: Etho puyal mazhai appadingaraanga unga oor pakkam.. hope everythis is alright.

  3. @SK

    Weather here until today is actually great for Nov. 13 or 14 deg ellam naan novla parthadhe illa...it rained a bit today but is still not cold


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