Thursday, November 26, 2009

2048 is the year !

No, no, I am not talking about one of those ''world-is-coming-to-an-end'' predictions...I mean what is the fun in knowing that ?!

I saw an unbelievably good video, again one of the TED talks, this time given by Hans Rosling, that discusses the rise and fall of different countries in the world and 2048 is going to be a landmark year, you will know why when you see it !

If you thought statistics was boring, you will think again after seeing this piece - absolutely brilliant, both the content, depiction as well as the prediction.

The closing remarks were a little concerning. On the one side, we have the global climate change to deal with and on the other side, the unrest from the change in position of the countries in the global arena; with the east trying to catch on with the west. What will happen when one overtakes the other ?! Lets hope its peace and not war.
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