Friday, October 23, 2009

Thatha's Sadhabishegam

With great difficulty, I woke up at 7am today (:D) since I knew it was precisely 10:30 am in India, minutes after the muhurtham for Thatha's Sadhabishegam would have been over - perfect time to call since everyone is relaxed and available.

You call a little early and everyone is either looking for panchapathira uthirani or odhi vidara dress or something in the chattiram rooms and you call a little late, everyone is either busy giving vetthalapakku or searching for room keys to get the (much-dreaded) blouse bits or in the dining hall making sure that the guests get all the servings of payasam and appalam they want or exactly one serving, depending on the turn-out :D

So here goes....a summary of my half-an hour phone call

Me: Appa, function nanna nadandhudha ?
Appa: supera pochu, unna dhan miss pannom.....iru Thatha kitta kudukaren

Me: Sadhabishega namaskaram Thatha, Happy B'day
Thatha: en asivardham, all the best, (with some extra enthu in his voice) nee ezhidhanadhu dhan padikaren, Bharath print panni kuduthurka (my blog).....(pauses).....unna dhan romba miss pannen
Me: ..................(overwhelmed)
Thatha: iru amma kitta kudukaren

(someone shouting in the background....chowmee fonela.....)

Amma: Function romba nanna pochu. (With a girly excitement) enga appa akka thangai moonu perukkum ore colorla pattu pudavai vangi kuduthurka, naanga adhula foto kooda eduthundom. Nee dhan illama poita, unna romba miss pannrom.

Amma gives me a complete description of the events and there is no pause for me to even say ''oh...apdiya'' :D, after all the kadai phone gets passed on (God bless the mobile phone !)

(Ashok) Amma: Function nanna pochu. Neeyum Ashok dhan illai, romba miss panrom
Appa grabs the phone saying naan pesaren :D
(Ashok) Appa: Naan un bloga perisu panni print-out eduthu Thatha kitta kuduthuten. Adha laminated coverla vechundu Thatha ippo photo eduthukara

(Cameraman in the background....sir andha covera konjam straighta vechukonga...)

Amma takes the phone again

Amma: Periamma kooda print-out eduthundu vandhurukka

(someone in the background....chowmee t-shirta pirichela ?? adhu enga ?
someone else.....ulla coverla irukku, naan eduthundu varen)

Now t-shirt is being opened, amma gives running commentary

Amma: pirichuta
Me: oh..
Amma: ingerndhu vellaila edho ezhuthu theriyadhu !!
Me: ada rama....kitta poi paaren.....
Amma: hey...theriyardhu...supera irukku....Thatha bayangarama sirikara......
Me: :D, :D
Amma: Thathava potuka solli photo eduthu anuparom paaru.
Me: Photos ellam seekaram upload panna sollu
Amma: solren...amam, nee officelerndhu epdi ivalo neram pesara
Me: Kadavule, time difference irukardha nee eppo pathalum marandhudu, ippo 7:30, ineme dhan kelambanum
Amma: samachiya, saptiya and all the usual Qs

I wanted to talk to everyone else but I had done so a few days ago on Diwali and I was getting late for work.

When I finally hung up, I was homesick but then I thought of the fond memories, remembered its a friday (eyy...weekend), smiled and got ready for the day.

PS: I say someone because I ''almost'' know who it is and if I make a slight mistake and say a wrong name, sethen, so being prudent :D

PPS: Bear with the thanglish, too lazy to type in Thamizh
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