Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Facebook, No Wall

A few months ago (or years I don't remember), I made the mistake of checking out facebook when I had too much time. Since then there exists my account, undeletable good-for-nothing account. I do not have a profile or a picture but unfortunately I did login with an email address...and yup, you are right, I am constantly being bombarded with invitations.

I have been ignoring those invitations for months now and have been explaining to certain people about it too....and I am slowly losing patience....I mean I spend enough time online, talking to/about/with/for people, there is gmail, gtalk, orkut, LinkedIn, blogger, skype, voip, windows messenger, MS Outlook, not to mention the age-old (and still my favorite) yahoo messenger, landline, mobile and that it ?!...well I don't know, but I definitely do not want to add a face book wall to this !!

Yes, I am an extrovert and yes, I am talkative and yes, yes, I like spending time with my near and dear ones but for once I am going to take what Seinfeld says ''you gotta give people a chance to miss you''

So, let facebook miss me, let the wall miss me and I don't know about people, I am connected to them in one way or another....and even if you do miss me, doesn't absence make the heart grow fonder :) ?!
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