Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SS in Germany

A friend of mine in Germany works for an American company that simply loves abbreviations. They recently had a re-organisation and the result was a number of teams like Sales Engineering (SE), Marketing support (MS) etc. The only problem is that my friend was in the sales support team located in Germany and he/they got stuck with....you guessed right....SS !!

Being known as SS in Germany is probably not a good idea.....remember our dear old Adolf ? You can imagine people's expressions when they get an email saying ''SS will take care of it''...! I am tempted to say ROFL but will that be borderline racism ?


  1. en intha nakkal ungalukku ? :)

  2. @SK
    avana (indha madhri mokka abbreviations create panradha) nirutha sollu, naan nirutharen :D

  3. :-)I had worked with Americans and I know they love it. Sometimes, I really think Abbreviations/acronyms are a symbol of laziness in a way. Pazhakka Dhoshathule some had written cme for come and intw for interview!!!! Imagine how long it must have taken for me to decipher such an email where except my name every other word had been abbreviated or acronymized??

  4. I bought a cricket bat for my German friend from India. It was the famous Sunridges brand. All Sunridges bats have SS written over it in block letters. He didn't make a fuss about it. But he elaborated me about the meaning. It was a bit funny.


  5. @Aswin
    Actually SS in Germany is not funny, its considered downright offensive since it reminds Germans of what they do not liked to be reminded of (esp. in Bavaria, the capital of Nazis)


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