Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chandramukhi in German

...das kann doch nicht wahr sein !! mudiyala pa...mudiyala !


  1. Thalaivar... :)

    aamaam.. athu enna funny.. grrrrrrrr

    ikkada choodandi :) :) :)

  2. @SK
    ofcourse its funny ! nejama sollunga, ungalukku idha parthu siruppu varala ? Its like watching Jim Carrey talk in Thamizh...weird and hilarious ! Thalaivar is entertaining, I agree, but I think he should stick to entertaining in thamizh !

  3. first time paathappo, i thought they are randomly talking something in german... :D
    then only i realised they actually translated everything!... hehe (isnt it)

  4. @Sridhar
    yeah, thats why its hilarious because Germans have a poor sense a humour, so hearing jokes in German (that end up sounding not funny at all as compared to the thamizh version) makes it mokka but still hilarious

  5. inda madri videos inum irunda share pannu akka! ipdi aavadu german latuka mudiyarda nu try panren!

  6. It is really funny.. watching bolloywood movies in german itself is horiible n watching Rajnikanth style in german is unimaginable.

  7. @Shruti
    when you click on this video, you will see the whole movie and similar videos in the youtube list on the right


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