Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mudiyala !

Ennadhu idhu (vaidvelu style) ????

Rajini thalaila yaaro karakozhambu oothitanga ! Aishwarya thailaila thanni vitta electricity generate pannalam polarukke !

I agree that Rajini is trim (or is the word emaciated ?) and does not look his age with all the make-up. He did really look much better in Shivaji than in Baba and commanded the screen presence as always. Mottai Shivaji....chance illa po ! But isn't this taking it too far ???

Someone should talk some sense into Shankar....a song shot in Peru should have exotic costumes...agreed but why make the beautiful Aishwarya scary (she is ok in this pic but there are a number of scary ones !) and should-act-his-age-atleast-at-times Rajini funny weird ??

Rajini fans, unmaya osichu sollunga, idhu over dhane ??

Photo Copyright: Sun Pictures
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