Friday, July 2, 2010

Me like it !

I was sending an email and when I pressed the 'send' button, this is what happened.

It stops avasara kudukais like me from being embarassed and from having to send a second email ! Adra sakkai !

Update (for users without Buzz):
A friend of mine tried writing 'I have attached a pony to a donkey' and tried to send it. The email got sent without a pop-up, so its not just searching for the phrase 'I have attached' but it also takes contextual information.

What did you try ?


  1. hi sowmya.. im pavithra from chennai and im thinking of applying for masters in would be really helpful if you could gimme ur email address.. i got some personal questions to ask.. thanks

  2. @pavi

    send me your questions as a comment. If they can be discussed in a forum then I can answer them in the blog so that others can read and benefit too.

    If the questions are too personal, I will not publish the comment. Also send me your email id in the comment. I do not have your id to send mine.

  3. This happened to me once :).

    There is one more good experience with Google I went to Wyoming from Colorado for this JULY 4rh Weekend and accessed my Gmail account there. Next day it send me a notice saying that " this account was accessed in Wyoming yesterday " I think this is totally awesome for fraud identification and its free :).

  4. Do we have any settings in gmail that identifies fraud? lemme know

  5. @Swathi
    I don't know exactly what you mean by fraud but gmail usually gives info on account activity (if your account is being used somewhere else, what is the IP, country etc) at the bottom centre of your mailbox pages. You can find more info here -


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