Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shake, Baby, Shake !

I had just driven to Chennai from B'lore and it was 11:45 pm when we arrived. Since we had skipped dinner we had something light to eat and decided that going to bed immediately was a bad idea. So I did what I love doing before going to bed - was reading Tintin - while my cousins were watching TV.

All of a sudden the floor moved....for a moment I thought I was getting sleepy, then I look up and I see the pullayar padam swaying to and cousin saw it too, she immediately reached for her sleeping baby and we rushed to wake the others and when we finally left the building I saw that we were pretty much the last ones out (in spite of some of them standing there with suitcases and they had time to pack valuables is a mystery to me !)....a couple of families were leaving in their cars to go to safer places (what is a safe place in case of an earthquake ??) and people were all narrating how they noticed the tremors...the stories ranged from being scared in the loo to seeing water bottles and glasses move (always reminds me of Jurassic park)

After 10 minutes of heated discussion, pakkathu veetu uncle finally realised that he was wearing no shirt and so he decided to go and get one. When he went in, others started slowly going back and after a while we were all back home still talking about the hows and whys. We switched on the TV to see sun news saying ''Chennai kulingiyadhu'' !! We were thinking "chennai mattuma, nangalum dhan'' !!

PS: If you don't have house insurance, get one NOW !
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