Friday, June 25, 2010

Football Fever Germany during the World Cup is no news ! I do not have a TV at home but I can still easily figure out who is playing whom and who is winning by the reaction of my neighbours - cheering or swearing in German or in their own language !

Visiting the October fest grounds when there is a match going on has become one of my favorite things to do. There are no people and (hence) none of their dogs ! Finally a girl can run in peace !

Yesterday was obviously not a good day for Italian football fans. We didn't know that when we went outside for a long walk, at the end of which we went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants. The first indication was a red-faced waiter who looked like he was in tears. The next indication was the sour-faced restaurant owner who welcomed us with a forced smile. We knew even before we saw the action replay on TV. What we saw was not only Italy's exit but also the anger following De Natale's goal and the tears from both the players and fans ! ...whoever coined or thought of 'sportsmanship' is going to be very disappointed... !

What this meant for me was a tasteless hot chocolate and for Ashok, an almost inedible pizza ! Oh..well...we couldn't be too hard on them, they were already in despair. We just made a 'no dessert' decision and left the place.

I can't be surprised at this importance given to football since I have seen equal fuss about cricket back home. I will never forget any of the India Vs Pakistan world cup matches....right from bunking school/college/office to mamis praying in temples for India's victory, right from angry fans throwing bottles at the players to batsmen swearing at fielders, I have seen them all in the 'gentleman's game'....


  1. ippo nee ennadan solla vara??? mani ratnam padam mathiri oru indecisive exeunt....

  2. @viki
    onnume solla varala...chumma rambling on (ne sonna madhriye :D)

  3. Enna kodumai.. Its so sad that u are not part of the football fiesta.. reminds me of one of my friends who goes to supermarket to buy grocery during superbowl!! :(

  4. This saturday everything ends :(


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