Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I know I am almost a week late with this news but I totally loved this cartoon. In spite of being older than his opponent and not having the host-country advantage and in spite of making mistakes, Anand still manages to be the world champion. If only the Indian Govt. realises how valuable Vishwanathan Anand is and for once, atleast bids for hosting the chess championship...sigh.....no wonder everyone is surprised that Anand refuses citizenship offers from other countries and steadfastly remains a loyal desi !
Cartoon Source: http://www.chessvibes.com/cartoons/kick-ass-chess/


  1. page 17/18 (sports pages) fellows page 3 fellows aananga na ippadi dhan aagum :)

  2. ennathu Gandhi'a suttutaangala!!??
    jokes apart i never thought i'll follow a chess series like i did this time.. Though i don't understand much it was spectacular reading the reviews and post match interviews..
    Anand for Bharat Ratna..

  3. @Bharath
    "ennathu Gandhi'a suttutaangala!!??" - ROFL..ROFL, analum idhu romba lollu, adhan disclaimer kuduthuten illa ?


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