Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lately my life (and hence my blog) has been all about dogs. Either I am tainted with a fear-of-dog pheromone because of the one incident or I need to change my detergent!

Yesterday I was coming home with a bag of bananas (yes, they were for me and no, I have no monkeys at home) and I noticed a really huge dog (the alsatian kind) coming towards me. I had two choices – panic or face my fear and I foolishly decided on the latter. The dog came close and started licking the banana bag. It doesn’t sound too bad right ? Hang on…I was holding the plastic bag next to my tummy since the strap had broken loose and I had a mongrel with its tongue licking that bag!! I was wearing thin cotton pants and so if it chose my skin instead of the bananas, I was going to be in big big trouble.

Since someone told me that dogs can smell fear, I tried to pretend that it wasn’t bothering me and I was just frozen to the spot (I have new found respect for those who act in Ramanarayanan movies). I was playing the don’t-move-play-dead-when-a-bear-sniffs-you part to perfection. And then I finally found what I was looking for, the “§%$§&$§&@ owner of the dog. This lady coolly came around the corner and she seemed to be in no hurry to call the dog away. I gave her a desperate look since I was too afraid to shout and then the dumb head finally understood I was uncomfortable and called off the dog. Needless to say, I threw the bananas away!

Question to dog owners: Would you be ok if my kid came and licked your ice cream?

For heaven's sake, take responsibility for your pets and for the last (swearing) time, keep your dogs away from me !! Don’t force me to use the pepper spray!!

For those who noticed and want to comment about it: I know pheromones only trigger responses from members of the same species.
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