Monday, May 31, 2010

I am freezing to death...

...not in the Alps, not in Munich where it has been raining like crazy when its supposed to be spring, but in Delhi, where the outside temperature reads 42 deg C !!

I am freezing to death inside taxis, cars, office buildings, hotels, everyone one of which runs the air conditioner at full blast with the cold air hitting me in the face that it feels like I am skiing and I am using my dupatta as a shield to stop all the goose pimples !! And just when I am all covered up, I end up leaving the place and stepping outside means being hit by a heat wave, which seems all the more hot because of the freezing temperature inside.

Will someone please explain to me the logic behind spending or rather wasting all this energy in a place where power cuts are not uncommon ??

I long for those days when I roamed Mountroad in the hot sun, window shopping and stepped into HigginBothams (on the pretext of browsing books to buy) purely for the AC !

Oh..dear...have I now turned into one of those NRIs that complain about the present and reminisce about the past ??!
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