Monday, April 19, 2010

Prince – the record breaker

Kumar Taurani's assistant took the script to Katrina kaif. She really didn't care about the script (that's a surprise considering movies like Yuvaraaj !) but Vivek Oberoi didn't quite impress her like Salman or Akshay, so she said no. The he took it to 99 others in Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood, including Kovai Sarala. She too refused claiming that her script-review standards have gone way up after she starred in Sathileelavathi and she only made an exception, when her co-star was Vadivelu.

The producer was in a fix, since the tickets to South Africa had already been booked and they still did not have the 3 female leads, the script so demanded. The co-producer came up with a brilliant idea - go to a dance bar, pick 3 dance girls who can remain sober enough to finish the movie....and brilliant it was since they not only got 3 girls who already had the needed skimpy costumes but they also saved on filming expenses and dance direction by shooting the first song when the girl was actually performing in her bar !!

There was yet another problem, the script writer had failed to come up with a name for the movie. The co-producer, who had already shown his brilliance once, was given another chance. He had chosen ''Zorro'' after having seen the movie in his hotel but the second heroine not appearing in the sets because her pet poodle Prince was sick, gave him a brainwave !

Someone told Vivek Oberoi that slim, long legs are sexy but I assume he didn't hear the last part of the sentence ''....are sexy on a GIRL''. If he had, he definitely would not have opted to wear ultra slim fit pants that highlighted his calves or the lack of them !

The dialogue writer was very excited to work on this movie after having edited "Tinkle" comics his entire life and hence comes up with masterpieces like
Vivek (on the phone): hey...I found the treasure...
Maya: that is amazing!
Vivek: Yeah, it is really amazing!

The movie had run for an hour and I still had not seen Arjun Rampal. I was so sure he was in the movie from the movie posters I had seen. The puzzle was solved when the third heroine gets introduced.....and that effectively also wore off the little patience I had had until then and so for the first time in my life, I gave up on a movie during intermission. This effectively beats all of my bad movie records until today and this includes "Kandhasamy" where I almost walked out (note: almost) during the break.

As you can see, I spent the remaining time usefully :D.....

Copyright for picture: Prince movie makers
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