Friday, February 7, 2020

Can you save everyone ?

I am tired....
tired of funerals....
tired of hospitals....
tired of flying home with a pit in my stomach....

But I don't have the time or luxury to feel sorry for myself.
There are too many things and too many people
counting on me,
counting on me to take decisions, to make things happen,
counting on me to be strong.

Gone are the days when my biggest problem was
an exam, a job interview or a bank loan.
Now it is about choosing between
a dying grandparent or a sick parent,
a lonely parent or a suffering sibling,
the family you want to raise or the family that raised you.

Can I really be the super woman
that does it all ?
that saves everyone ?
and if I cannot, can I forgive myself ?

Children are a ray of sunshine. They have a beautiful way of
living in the present....
bringing joy with a simple remark....
knowing when you need a hug....
showing you what matters.

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