Sunday, February 19, 2012

Losing faith in people very uncharacteristic of me. I get upset with them, fight with or yell at them but I never lose faith in people I know and if they are strangers, I just grumble about them but I eventually get over it.

I recently got a gift certificate for a massage and when I reached the parlour, I was surprised that it was actually a house in a quiet residential area away from the main road and not a commercial establishment. Before I went in for my appointment, I called Ashok, gave him the address of the place and told him that if I didn’t call him back in an hour, he should call back and check with me. I went in and met an extremely friendly and professional masseuse. When I saw her I felt guilty because I hadn’t trusted her enough to not have a back-up plan. Maybe this is good practice, but to me the distrust I had about an innocent stranger made me think (and what better place to do it than a massage table!)….

I don't know if this is a part of growing up and finally facing reality but lately a lot of people are letting me down. I am inclined to blame the news (Syrian Genocide, Iran Nuclear plans, Greek debt situation and the list goes on) and the biography of Steve Jobs (there are things about him in the book that I need'nt have known) but I know its more personal than that.

I always believed in the adage that good things happen to good people. It does not mean that life is always a bed of roses but it only means that every problem that occurs paves the way for something better and in the end, everything ends well. But in the situations I have been seeing, try as hard as I might, I cannot see a silver lining. I only see people bullying those who cannot stand up for themselves or for their loved ones, I only see the good hearted ones getting hurt and being helpless. I would love to be nosy, step in and fight their battles or rather give the bullies a piece of my mind but that would only make things worse.

This is a good part to insert a disclaimer - There is nothing wrong with my life or me, nobody died but I am seeing so many problems happening to people around me that I am afraid that I am letting go of my optimism and my inherent faith in the goodness of people, albeit slowly !

One simple way would be to tune myself out for a while and not get involved in others' problems but when is running away the answer to anything ? If I cannot do what I do best i.e. talk to them, when people are in trouble, then the guilt of not being there when they need me would be overwhelming.

Oh...well...this too shall pass....until then I have to bear with myself, replace books with comics, news with funny sitcoms and look harder for ways to still cling on to the optimism and faith I have left !


  1. True, but then long gone are the days when at least 99 percentage was always correct and only one percent went wrong.... So, although, the momentary guilt for distrusting the lady there would have been there, but it is also wise to be aware!!!!

    Like you said, there are problems and problems everywhere.. Infact I logged in to write something about the whole problem thing that I recently introspected.... lets see if I am able to word it well....

    Well expressed and nice post....

    Reminds me of the time when I had to get into an auto in Bangalore at 3:45 A.M and I gave all the details of the driver from the license card in the auto along with the auto number to my parents and friends, just in case....!!!!!... This man was very nice to me, ensured that the door to the house where he dropped me opened and I had help for my baggage to be carried inside.... I felt guilty for suspecting this person's nature, but then a friend said, may be he was waiting to check out a little more information about the house, for a later use/ misuse!!!! So there is no end to suspicions in today's world and there seems no way except believe that God is with us and will let us know what to do when things are not in our favor!!!!

  2. yes u r right...

  3. SG, i just wanted to second "good things happen to good people" .. amen to unplugging the problems channel and switching to sitcom channels , ..maybe revisiting these friends is not a bad idea :)


  4. hello SG

    I came across your blog through the Expat Blog network. I moved to Munich 1.5 years ago. Nice blog! Love the pongal story etc... could have absolutely happened to me as well.


  5. 'good things happen to good people.' - ithu ellam theoretical proverbs maadhiri. I dont even believe in it for 1%. :(

    mela ezhuthina romba polambara maadhiri irukkum.. :)

  6. @Dewdrop
    your story makes me feel better :)

    I took refuge in Seinfeld, thanks for the link and the vote of confidence :)

    ungalukku oru thani session vekkanumnu nenaikaren...

    so I am not the only one...phew...

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